portfolio development for our clients

Investment Strategy

Working closely with a client, we formulate an investment strategy that reflects risk appetite, return profiles, exposure amounts, sectors, type of assets, operating exposure, investment hold periods and other factors.

Investment Execution

Through our extensive sector relationships, we source investment opportunities that are consistent with a client’s investment strategy. We fully underwrite an investment, including financial analysis, market assessments, technical and operational reviews, structuring and documentation.

Investment Management

Direct investing in assets does not conclude with an investment financial closing. Consistent with our focus on long term client relationships and portfolio growth, we maintain responsibility for the ongoing management of the financial and operational performance of portfolio assets.



Infra-Energy Capital is a retained financial advisor, not an investment bank. We focus on long term relationships that create an alignment of interest with our clients. We are not successful unless our client’s investment strategy is successful.

On behalf of our clients, we identify investments in long-lived real assets that generate attractive cash flows and sustainable returns. These assets include renewable and conventional generation, pipelines, storage, transportation and other infrastructure.